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Meet Bertram, the Caffeine Crusader: Me, Myself, and My Espresso Machine

Hey, fellow caffeinated comrades! I’m the kind of person who skips the morning mirror and goes straight for the grinder. My blood type is B+, but it might as well be “beans positive.” Coffee isn’t just a drink for me; it’s a love affair with a bitter edge and a lot of frothy passion.

I have to be honest…It wasn’t until the age of 40 that my love for coffee bloomed. Until that point, the only hot beverage I ever drank was soup! Lured by the siren song of a gas station cup of joe. One sip, and I was hooked, chasing that buzz like a hummingbird with a sugar addiction. Soon, my kitchen became a shrine to coffee gear. I’ve got more pour-over cones than a Christmas tree has ornaments, a French press that could win an arm-wrestling match, and an espresso machine that sings Puccini when it pulls a shot.

But this isn’t just about gadgets and friends. Coffee is my muse, therapist, and social lubricant (don’t spill anything on my shoes). It fuels my early mornings, midnight writing binges, and those awkward silences with friends who, like me, need a caffeine IV drip to function.

So, buckle up, coffee comrades, because I’m here to share the good, the bad, and the beautifully burnt beans of this glorious bean-water journey. We’ll talk gear, grind sizes, the existential dread of a lukewarm cup, and everything in between. This blog is our caffeine-infused playground, where we can nerd out about brew ratios and giggle at our espresso-induced jitters.

Because coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a community. It’s the clinking of mugs, the steam swirling like wishes, the shared sigh of contentment after a perfect cup. So, let’s brew some memories together, one delicious drop at a time.

See you on the other side, fellow coffee addicts. May your beans be fresh and your cups always full!